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Ink Wireframe Figma Plugin Cover

Ink Wireframe

Ink Wireframe Plugin lets designers quickly create lo-fidelity wireframes. Ink Wireframe speeds up the design and iteration process.

Ink Wireframe Plugin lets designers to test ideas early on reducing scope of error.

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Sticky Note Figma Widget Cover

Sticky Note

Sticky Note Widget lets designers quickly take notes without leaving Figma design.

Sticky Note Widget comes in handy for taking notes while brainstorming and ideation.

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Khagwal 3d Library Cover

Khagwal 3d

Khagwal 3D is a free 3D illustration library pack for web and mobile app designers.

Khagwal 3D has 45 hand-curated 3D objects. Each object is available as a high-quality image in 5 different themes & 5 different angles.

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